Apple Picking Dogs Allowed

Fall in New England brings along traditions like apple picking. Personally, I love apple picking as it usually means apple pie afterwards. And like dogs, fresh baked apple pie is part of the American dream. Our quest was to find a dog friendly apple orchard near Boston.

With some digging I found a handful of apple orchards where your dog is still allowed to join in for a slice of tradition in New England. There were a few apple orchards to choose from other orchards do not allow dogs so it is wise to check in advance.

We decided to head west of Boston the Nashoba Valley Winery to go apple picking in their orchards. Our dog was not the only one among the apple trees, there were other small groups with their kids walking the family dog. You do need to be respectful, keep your dog leashed, clean up and follow the orchard rules. You really should let your dog do their thing in advance. They have enough problems with people stealing apples. I would guess stealing apples brings bad luck, but that is just me.

However, I would make a few suggestions to make the most out of your trip. Pack a picnic, this is a great way to spend an afternoon. We did not pack sandwiches and regretted it later. Especially at the Nashoba Valley Winery where we found a sprawling lawn with picnic tables over looking a beautiful valley. You could even step inside, and buy their wine and beer to enjoy on the property.

This is a great day-trip for a small group of friends or the whole family. Particularly if you have your dog along. You are not allowed to bring your dog into the winery. If you had a small group of friends a few could go in and a few could relax outside in the sun with the dog.

And when you get home, make a fresh apple pie or crisp. You can add some apples to your dog’s dinner as well.

Here are links to some dog friendly Apple Orchards In Massachusetts and New England:
If you happen to know of or own an orchard where dogs are welcome, please feel free to let me know and I will add it to the list. And a quick note: Eddie the Labradoodle (looks like a Irish Wolfhound) in the photos, was wearing his leash and harness, it was distracting enough in the photo I took the liberty of removing it in Photoshop. But they were following the rules of a priorly leashed dog.