Our dog on a Boston brick sidewalk in the setting sun of fall

Fall With Boston Dogs

If you have lived in Boston for a while, I don’t have to tell you, fall is one of the best times of the year. Weekends like this one passing are simply fantastic, particularly if you are a dog owner. Why a dog owner? Because no matter what you are going out side.

A labrador leaps over an English Pointer diving into Boston Harbor

The Tail Of Two Dogs

It is funny how different breeds of dogs instincts which define them. Our dog an English Pointer will stops from anything is the opportunity to hunt a small fast animal presents itself. While a Labrador retriever will wildly throw themselves into the ocean

a very fast Goldendoodle burst from the shadows

Flight Of The Golden-Doodle

Ginger is a Golden-Doodle who my dog loves to run with. This Golden-Doodle is like a fluffy cumulous cloud in motion, high speed, if there is a ball involved. The couple who have Ginger take the time to keep her brushed out, and the end result is absolutely amazing.