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  • Television For Dogs

    Television For Dogs

    Does your dog watch TV? Some dogs enjoy watching television shows and movies featuring other dogs, cats and cartoons. There is even DogTV!
  • Toss Your Dog A Milk-Bone

    Toss Your Dog A Milk-Bone

    One way of grabbing your dog's attention is to have great dog treats on hand. Something new and smelly, at least to a dog, makes a big difference. I go through more dog treats and squeaker toys than you would ever imagine photographing dogs in Boston.
  • The Urban Hound Daycare and Hotel in Boston

    Overnight boarding or daycare for dogs has always been a challenge in Boston. I was excited to hear Rebecca Wilson of The Urban Hound opened a luxury dog daycare and hotel in the South End of Boston. I was even more excited when
  • Nupro, Keeps Dogs Looking Good

    Nupro, Keeps Dogs Looking Good

    We have been mixing Nupro into our dog's food for the past month and the difference is remarkable. Moose looks fantastic and sheds like a normal dog. His short fur is much softer, has a great sheen and is less prone to shedding.
  • Yöghund Frozen Dog Treats

    There are three things that will cause my dog to lose his mind: birds, squirrels and Yöghund Organic Frozen Yogurt, just for dogs. Our dog Moose, who normally just wants to sleep, hunt and play, turns into a bit of a psycho in the presence of these frozen dog treats.
  • Bake Your Own Dog Biscuits

    With the weather outside dreadfully cold, we decided to spend the day making our own homemade dog biscuits. You can never have too many dog biscuits on hand, especially if you are constantly teaching your dog new tricks, or simply need something to bribe him into good behavior.
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