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  • Boston Dog License Tips

    Boston Dog License Tips

    Boston Dog Licenses expire on March 31st and the new dog license runs from April 1st 2013. Here are the links and what you need to know about licensing your Boston dog.
  • Controlling Your Off-Leash Dog

    Controlling Your Off-Leash Dog

    When you have a dog off-leash, particularly in the city, your responsibility increases with your dog's freedom. Our dog, is often off-leash in the city, suburbs or the middle of the woods. Our dog loves to run and hunt and a day at the end of the leash does nothing for his nor my well being. Although, could you imagine our dog running at you as pictured here?
  • Exhausted Dogs Sleep Well

    Exhausted Dogs Sleep Well

    "Rambunctious, rumbustious, delinquent dogs become angelic when sitting." ~ Dr. Ian Dunbar
  • Understanding Dogs

    Understanding Dogs

    Our dog Moose sat in the middle of our living room floor, let out a howl and started scooting his butt across the rug (Yep, he knows that trick too). This is our dog's way of telling me he is frustrated. I have been really sick for a few days and our dog was the perfect medicine.
  • Living With High Prey Drive Dogs

    Living With High Prey Drive Dogs

    An urban dog with a high prey drive has its challenges when living in a city like Boston. There are many breeds of dogs whose instinct to hunt may consume all other rational thought when the slightest hint of wildlife is nearby.
  • The Social Puppy

    The Social Puppy

    Spring is a good time to get a puppy, considering the amount of time you will be spending outside between bathroom breaks and letting your puppy explore their new world. You socialize puppies by introducing them to other people, dogs and situations to help them become comfortable with whatever comes their way later. The more time you can put in now will pay off in dividends as your dog matures. It really does make a big difference.
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