Birthday Dog Celebration

What kinds of gifts would dogs get dogs for their birthdays? If my dog could talk, he would tell you he would like a squirrel for his birthday. Personally, I “highly” don’t recommend squirrels as gifts as they are incredibly difficult to get in a box and gift wrap. The nice lady wrapping gifts at the mall is little help in this endeavor, if you were thinking of going that route. Even when you just politely ask you are treated like some wack job. So there you are at the mall with a squirrel in a pillow case getting these crazy looks from those around you. You start to wonder who is wacked? After all, the dog just wanted a squirrel.

Our dog Moose just celebrated his 5th Birthday (Where has the time gone?). We enjoyed spending the day if not weekend gushing over the dog with extra little gifts and bounds of praise. He definitely loves the extra attention and the extra time outside chasing squirrels and birds. This year I baked a dog specific cake and invited his dog-friend Gabe over for a photo shoot.

Next time we decide to do a cake for the dog I am just going to pick up one from one of the dog boutiques or take him by JP Licks for an ice cream. He would have been just as excited for a Yöghund frozen dog yogurt as well. Our dog even loves going to the store to pick out a treat or toy for himself. Both The Fish and Bone and Durty Harry’s were  big hits with Moose this year.

Anything is better than having a squirrel get loose in your house, particularly if you have an English Pointer. There is nothing like a dog ice skating across the hardwood floors in the middle of the night because he heard the squirrel again…