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a photoshop manipulation of a dog eating out of a man's head

“Dog Food For Brains”, a portrait of dog people.

Fido Loves & The Magnificent Moose

I (Jay Stebbins) hope you have found Fido Loves to be a useful guide for living in Boston with your dog. This is a project we have enjoyed very much. All of the articles have been written from first hand experiences while exploring Boston for ourselves. If we find something special which other dog people would enjoy, I will take the time to write and photograph a hopefully compelling story.
I do work as a photographer, with a strong focus in dog photography. My personal website is at  I started in photography during my early teens and even apprenticed with a dog show photographer during those years. Currently I am very focused on creating fine art of dog series.

If you would like to hire me to work with your dog please feel free to contact me. I also have my personal work for sale as prints and licensing agreements. I have also made prints available for the owners of dogs I have casually photographed around Boston.

Please be aware, I do not currently work in real estate. This is what I have for Boston’s Dog Friendly Apartments.

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    San Francisco, California
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