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Welcome to the map of dog friendly locations by Fido Loves. This ever growing map of the best dog friendly places to go with your dog in and around Boston. Many of these location were written about on Fido Loves and others are on their way. These are however, places that as a dog owner, you should know about.  It is a great way to find the best dog friendly locations around Boston, New England and beyond.

The Placeling mapping system just for people like me and you. Placeling allows us to create maps with dog friendly locations we are interested in. It is easy to create a link on the map that ties back to the Fido Loves article and at the same time embed a map in articles to help people find the dog friendly places written about on Fido Loves.

 The Placeling iPhone App is the icing on the cake. It allows different users to follow fidoloves on Placeling to gain better access to the maps when you are on the move. You can create your own map and share those special places with your friends as well.

There are some other very cool features to this mapping system. The Placeling team has been fantastic to work with in implementing this feature on Fido Loves. I am really excited to finally have a way for dog owners connect. 

Hey dog people, I am still putting this into place, but feel free to start using it. If you have a suggestion for a location let me know.

Map is currently down due to the shutdown of Placeling. Sadly there was no warning and all our location data is gone. The price of cutting edge….

Title Category Address Description
09 MSPCA-Angell Dog Park Dog Park Jamacia Plain, MA Near the entrance to MSPCA-Angell there is a small fenced-in dog park for both guests and dog owners in the neighborhood.
08 Zero New Washington Dog Park Dog Park Somerville, MA This fenced-in dog park in Somerville is long enough to play fetch and has obstacles for your dog to explore.
07 The Secret Dog Park Dog Park Charlestown, MA This fenced-in dog perk is hidden behind trees and six lanes of traffic. There is no parking nearby and most people don\'t even know it exists. But the secret dog park is beautiful. If you do use it check both gates and clean up after your dog. You don\'t want to get on the wrong side of the locals in Charlestown.
06 Richmond Street Dog Run Dog Park North End, Boston MA This little strip of a fenced-in dog park in the North End of Boston was simply a dirt lot until recently. The RUFF Boston dog owners got together with Mass DOT and built a nice fenced in area for off-leash dogs.
05 Bay Village Dog Park Dog Park Bay Village, Boston MA Unless you lived in Bay Village you would never know this fenced in Dog Park existed. It is small, well cared for and a great spot for those living in the area. If you don\'t know, Bay Village is a very nice neighborhood tucked between Back Bay and the South End.
04 Carlton Court Dog Park Dog Park South End, Boston MA The Carlton Court Dog Park is located on the Southwest Corridor Park. If I did not know any better this was an old tennis court. Regardless, a great place to get off-leash in a fenced in area for dogs in the South End.
03 South Boston Bark Park Dog Park South Boston, MA This fenced in dog park in South Boston was created by the local community. You can learn more and get involved with the Friends of the South Boston Bark Park.
02 Peters Park Dog Run Dog Park South End, Boston MA Peters Park is Boston's first official fenced-in dog park. This is an excellent design with sections for both small and large dogs. This dog park is particularly those who live in the South End.
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