Boston’s Dog Friendly Real Estate Agents

Any aspect of real estate for dog owners in Boston can be a challenge. Both renting and apartment or buying a condo have it’s own issues depending on the type of dog you have. There are some real estate agents who can be considered “pet friendly real estate agents” and are more knowledgeable when it come to the needs of dog and cat owners.

I spent a year working as a dog friendly real estate agent in Boston before committing to photography and developing Fido Loves full time. Let me say, the challenges and frustrations of finding the right place to live with pets can be very frustrating. Particularly if you have a dog over 40 pounds, a restricted breed or limited funds.

Working as a dog friendly real estate agent is incredibly challenging. My best advice is to find a good agent who understands the needs of dog owners and commit to them. That person you choose to help you will be working three times as hard as an agent working for someone without dogs. When you have a client who is working with multiple agents it removes the incentive of putting in the extra effort required to find a pet friendly property in Boston.

Dog Friendly Real Estate in Boston is a tough business, work “with” a good agent…

I will continue to add real estate tips for dog owners on Fido Loves. During my year of beating the streets of Boston I learned a great deal about why things are what they are and where dog owners should be looking to live with their dogs in Boston. Meanwhile, here are a few fantastic real estate agents who are very knowledgeable about dog friendly properties in and around Boston.

Good luck in your search, the people above are all excellent real estate agents who have dogs and know the ins and outs of place to live around Boston with dogs and cats.

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