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Pharoah Hounds
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Sheepfold, Middlesex Fells Rerservation
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As I quietly moved through Sheepfold photographing dogs as they playfully bounded across the dry grass, a majestic Pharoah Hound casually walked into the frame as if there was nothing at all to see. There are some dogs whose commanding presence is simply hard to miss.

This dog was a big male, on in years, with a casual grace about him. The reddish brown of his coat was still impressive like a piece of fine wood polished with the oil of admiring hands from over the years.

In my mind this was dog of Egyptian Kings, powerful, intelligent and confident. I was surprised to learn he lost his sight a couple months earlier and was standing blind before me. I never would have guessed, as I watched him casually move through the sea of bounding dogs with ease. His owner, or companion more accurately, stood near keeping watch over his friend. After a short conversation about Pharoah Hounds, diabetes and lost eyesight, the gentleman asked his dog if he would like to go for a walk and gently whistled a few times to guide him as they disappeared into the woods.

It turns out Pharoah Hounds are not from Egypt but the Mediterranean nation of Malta, and the companions of Maltese outdoorsmen who hunt rabbits. Their native name Kleb tal-Fenek means Rabbit Hound.

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