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A dog relaxing on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston

21 Jun Dogs On The Greenway: Boston

This evening I took our dog for another walk along the Rose Kennedy Greenway to check out the various projects that have been going on over the winter. I remember when Interstate 93 cut though downtown Boston – the noise and chunks of asphalt used to fly off the highway overhead. Back then, I never would have taken our dog for a walk in this part of Boston. These days, Boston has changed for the better and Boston’s waterfront has become a popular place for many people.

[zilla_alert style="yellow"] About the Photo: The photograph of our dog having a Zen moment on the Greenway was taken in light reflected from the Intercontinental Hotel. Find reflected light, take a moment and figure out how to build your photograph around it. [/zilla_alert]

“Did you ever walk into a room and forget why you walked in? I think that is how dogs spend their lives.” ~ Sue Murphy

For dog owners in Boston, the Greenway is a great place to take the dog for a walk. Each year there are more and more art installations added or replaced. The water fountains and carrocel add to the atmosphere of summertime fun helping laughter and conversation drown out the sounds of the nearby traffic. Sometines, even for a brief moment, you can forget you are in downtown Boston.

Regardless, the Greenway makes for an enjoyable walk with your dog. There are, however, areas that are popular with families and kids (laying on the grass). The Greenway Conservancy, who has done a great job of  adding a few signs to help direct dog owners either towards or away from grass areas depending on use.

I really enjoyed meandering along the Greenway during this last outing to shoot a few photographs. It was peaceful as the dog and I laid in the cool grass waiting for the sun light up our little spot in Boston.

The Greenway is also a great place to find one of Boston’s food trucks, which might be one of the greatest developments for a Boston dog owner. You can find fantastic food, your dog is not a problem and they are typically parked in areas with a beautiful place to sit and enjoy something to eat in a dog friendly environment.

In general, I think the Greenway Conservancy is doing a fantastic job recreating the Boston waterfront. Lately I have noticed a trend of their embracing dog owners instead of fighting them. You can learn more about upcoming events on the Greenway website and Social Networks.

On Saturdays, the Greenway Open Market sets up along the Greenway, make sure you check out their Facebook Fan Page as they have been Puppyrazzing visiting dogs.

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