Get Involved With A Dog Friendly Charity

Dog owners are always looking for something to do with their dog in Boston. Typically I write about where to find a dog friendly beach or which apple orchards allow dogs. Recently, I spent my Sunday at the “Lather Up The Love!”  fundraiser for Lucky Labs Rescue and Adoption at Durty Harry’s in Charlestown. I was there to photograph a bunch of the labs for an upcoming project on Fido Loves.

Dog friendly charity events are a great way to connect with the local community of dog owners in Boston in addition to helping out a good cause. I already believe a common trait among dog owners is a level of compassion which creates a solid foundation great relationships are built upon. While attending a number of charity events this summer, I have watched old friends connect, new friendships forged and those in need get an extra hand (or paw).

Events like these are a blast to attend and I would argue even more so to spend the day getting involved. Actually, most the people who came to have their dog washed at the Lather Up the Love Dog Wash, stuck around for conversation, pizza and a few laughs as a mix of wet dogs played with each other. Durty Harry’s had become the social scene for wet dogs and their owners.

Helping out a charity at a fundraiser or other event fits perfectly into the Things to Do With My Dog in Boston category on Fido Loves. I have been going to quite a few dog friendly events lately, many of them for good causes. They are fun, and break up the routine of going to the dog park. These events are also great way to meet new people. Everyone in the room has at least one thing in common, the love of dogs.

If you are interested, there is another “Lather Up The Love!” coming up October 30th at the Durty Harry’s Brookline location to benefit Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption. I have been lucky to meet a number of the stunning labradors in Boston that have found their homes through Lucky Labs. This is something worth your time if you are looking for a great labrador, have a  dirty dog or would just like to lend  a hand.