Harold Parker State Forest

Lose yourself in Harold Parker State Forest, it is pretty easy actually, the fun is in finding your way back. The Harold Parker State Forest sprawls across a few sections divided by a couple of roads and a few lakes. The area seems to be most used by fisherman, mountain bikers and horses.

We have been going up to  Harlod Parker for a few years now to go mountain biking with our dog. There is plenty of single-track and a little easy going areas. Margie took a pretty good digger here while learning to ollie over logs (sticks really). I am not sure if we have ever run into anyone else during our trips other than fisherman, who stick to themselves unless your dog runs up and steals their fresh catch. Harold Parker offers nice hiking or long walks through the woods as well.

My favorite part of Harlod Parker is in the North East corner of the forest. You can park on the left in one of the small parking areas before the  where the lake is on both sides. From any of those parking areas you can pick up a main trail which will lead to smaller trails that meander through the woods. I would suggest bringing a map or have a charged gps/smartphone on you if you are going off the main trails. Bring Bug spray and water and check for ticks afterwards.

Getting lost is one of my favorite pastimes and Harold Parker offers a great opportunity to be lose yourself. The light filtering through the tall trees, crickets chirping and the dog hunting for his next game make for wonderful distractions. The trails twist and turn endlessly though these quiet trees. No nearby highways humming or chatter of voices to offer direction. Just a little help from the sun, nature and gentle breeze. A couple hours later things begin to look familiar as I stumble across the parked car. If this place were just a little bit bigger…