a portrait of dog and owner sitting on rocks during sunset

Boston’s Best Dog Photographers

Here is a list of our favorite Boston dog photographers. These artists excel in the craft of creating unique dog portraits and photographs. Not everyone has the ability to capture the enigmatic moments we all love our dogs for. Dog photography is an art within an art; these are the people in Boston Fido Loves admires most.


How The Liberty Hotel Defines Dog Friendly

The Liberty Hotel in Beacon Hill has one of the most pet friendly policies in Boston. This article explores how The staff at the Liberty Hotel Define the moniker Pet Friendly in relation to Pet Tolerant. An excellent article all dog owners should read as this has become our standard as we review other hotels and dog related businesses.


Cynthia Hinckley and her Bright Spot Certified Therapy Dogs

Start Certified Therapy Dog Training

What makes a good therapy dog? Clearly, not every dog can be a therapy dog….. Sometimes, even the friendliest family pet doesn’t pass an evaluation to qualify for the job. So, what does one look for in a therapy dog? Your dog shows potential for becoming a therapy dog if you can answer NO to this question: Has your dog ever shown aggression toward a person of any age? And, YES to this question: Is your dog completely predictable?