a leukemia patient floating in air with dog keeping him grounded from my fight with Leukemia

I Am Fighter

When I was first diagnosed with Leukemia it felt as if someone strapped a 300 pound weight on my chest. For the next year it was an impossible weight to shake loose, permanently affixed and constantly crushing.


a labra-doodle along to go apple picking

Apple Picking Dogs Allowed

Fall in Boston brings along traditions in New England like apple picking. Personally, I love apple picking as it usually means apple pie afterwards. And like like dogs, is fresh baked apple pie not part of the American dream? Our quest was to find an apple orchard where our dog was allowed to come apple picking as well.


An Off-leash Dog Running Up The Beach, Teeth Bared

Control Your Off-Leash Dog

When you have a dog off-leash, particularly in the city, your responsibility increases with your dog’s freedom. Our dog, is often off-leash in the city, suburbs or the middle of the woods. Our dog loves to run and hunt and a day at the end of the leash does nothing for his nor my well being. Although, could you imagine our dog running at you as pictured here?


dog running into the ocean on Cape Cod

A Dog Beach Day, Marconi Cape Cod

The start of Memorial day weekend, you would think a last minute road trip with the dog to Cape Cod would have been a futile effort. Perhaps it is our lackadaisical schedule getting out the door and on the road has helped us avoid Cape traffic. This year we even purchased a season pass for…