dog running into the ocean on Cape Cod

A Dog Beach Day, Marconi Cape Cod

The start of Memorial day weekend, you would think a last minute road trip with the dog to Cape Cod would have been a futile effort. Perhaps it is our lackadaisical schedule getting out the door and on the road has helped us avoid Cape traffic. This year we even purchased a season pass for…


Irish Setter Jumping to catch a ball on the Boston Common off-leash area

Understanding Dogs

Our dog Moose sat in the middle of our living room floor, let out a howl and started scooting his butt across the rug (Yep, he knows that trick too). This is our dog’s way of telling me he is frustrated. I have been really sick for a few days and our dog was the perfect medicine.


english pointer catching a Milk-Bone dog Biscuit in the air

Toss Your Dog A Milk-Bone

One way of grabbing your dog’s attention is to have great dog treats on hand. Something new and smelly, at least to a dog, makes a big difference. I go through more dog treats and squeaker toys than you would ever imagine photographing dogs in Boston.