A puppy Vizsla sniffing the wooden walkway - The Fido365 Project

The Social Puppy

Spring is a good time to get a puppy, considering the amount of time you will be spending outside between bathroom breaks and letting your puppy explore their new world. You socialize puppies by introducing them to other people, dogs and situations to help them become comfortable with whatever comes their way later. The more time you can put in now will pay off in dividends as your dog matures. It really does make a big difference.


dog on the Boston Marathon Finish Line

Run Like A Dog; Boston Marathon

Boston is jammed with visitors for the Boston Marathon. Streets are closed, parking is scarce and restaurant lines are long. A perfect day to take our dog for a “walk” to the Boston Marathon 2011 Finish Line for a photo. It was a mob scene, with everyone taking their picture against the freshly laid finish line in the background.


our dog gets his own treat from the freezer

Yöghund Frozen Dog Treats

There are three things that will cause my dog to lose his mind: birds, squirrels and Yöghund Organic Frozen Yogurt, just for dogs. Our dog Moose, who normally just wants to sleep, hunt and play, turns into a bit of a psycho in the presence of these frozen dog treats.