dog friendly Boston Taxi off into the night

Find a Dog Friendly Taxi In Boston

The other day I was trying to cut across Boston faster than usual when I decided to catch a cab; with my dog. As I stood on the side of the street trying to figure out which taxis were empty and which were occupied (Why don’t they turn the for hire lights on and off like New York taxis?), I began to recognize it was taking longer than usual. It was the fear in one


Power Of Dog, by Les Krantz

  The book Power of the Dog: Things Your Dog Can Do That You Can’t by Les Krantz is on my must read list for dog lovers. It is the first book I have picked up which explores the very unique powers of the dog. By unique powers I refer to a service dog’s ability to…


Pawsh Dog Boutique and Salon in Boston's Back Bay

Back Bay’s Pawsh Dog Boutique & Salon

Well coiffed Boston dogs go to the Pawsh Dog Boutique and Salon on Newbury Street, actually my often far from coiffed dog likes going there as well. But, for those living in Boston’s Back Bay, Mike and Nancy Maida the owners of Pawsh, are a fantastic resource for dog owners, friendly and their shop is well worth checking out.


Puppy digging at Nantucket Beach

Is a Puppy a Good Gift?

It is fair to say that just about everyone has had dreams of finding a new puppy adorned with a bow made of ribbon. Now let me say up front I am the last person to ever suggest the spontaneous purchase of a dog of any age. The conversation of having a dog ranks right there with “Honey lets have a kid.”


Gift Ideas For Boston Dog Lovers

With the Holidays fast approaching we wanted to pull together a list of great gifts for Boston dogs and their owners. In order to make our list special we set out to create our gift list for dog owners by focusing on gifts found here in Boston at the fantastic collection of dog boutiques. For a dog owner, the greatest gift is usually something for


Columbus Park in Boston’s North End

We used to live across from the Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park on Commercial Street, one of my favorite areas in Boston. Columbus Park is situated on Boston Harbor at the edge of the North End across from Faneuil Hall. During the summer you will find plenty of people and dogs lazing out in the sun.