English Pointer watching the car in Boston on a rainy day

Spring in Boston means rain and rain means muddy dogs. Instead of the dog park, Moose joined me for a car ride over to the South End of Boston, head out the window, catching with his mouth the rain drops and water splashing up from the puddles. He loves riding in the car on rainy days, it burns energy which will be building as long as the dog parks are muddy. I was hired to photograph a really nice one bedroom condo (small dog friendly) on Clarendon, during which Moose watched the car. Part of urban dog life involves watching cars or waiting on the stoops of shops while we run errands and conduct our business.

Margie worries that someone will steal Moose when we are not looking. I eventually  grew concerned as well, until one day while a short distance away, I watched someone pet our dog’s head sticking out the window. Suddenly, they stuck their arm in the window, much to everyone’s surprise, Moose threatened to take the arm off. These days I am not worried about someone getting anything out of “Moose’s car”. I just worry about the heat and that he has water.

One thought on “Watch The Car

  1. What a great story! Reminds me of when I left my dog Polly tied up outside a shop once, I’d just nipped in to get a paper and could see her from inside. A group of kids came up to her, just friendly and patted her and then they started whispering and looking a bit suspicious. I was all set to run out of the shop, but waited.. one of the kids was about to untie the lead – whether to take her off or just see if she would run off. but instead she started barking loudly, startling the kids and causing them to run off. They had successfully untied the lead, but she picke it up and waited for me, lead in mouth!

    Fabulous creatures!

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