a Puggle running through the grass in Boston

At the park we ran into one of our dog’s canine friends, Ruby the Puggle. Ruby, a mix of Beagle and Pug loves to chase balls and hunt out scents. If you have a pocketful of treats, this dog will be one of the first to remind you they are there and with her Beagle like bay (bark) insist that you hand a few over. Our dog Moose and Ruby played fetch at the park, although Ruby was clearly much more ball obsessed than Moose.

I am glad to make Ruby the Puggle part of the canine super models on Fido Loves. Puggles have become part of the Boston dog community and are pretty common to see at the dog parks.



One thought on “Beagle + Pug = Puggle

  1. I have a puggle, and YES, boy do they love to sniff things. We can’t get more than half a block without smelling SOMETHING. But they are super cuddly and adorable 🙂

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