three dogs jumping over each other in the mud

I think we finally hit a breaking point in Boston with this wonderful weather. Mud or no mud, the dogs were let loose to play. I will have a few other photographs of these Boston dogs in action. Our dog Moose, had a blast playing with the other dogs. Afterwards he went for a quick swim and had a hot shower to get all the mud off. Unfortunately, our dog also was cut somewhere along the line. Not quite enough for stitches, but Moose will be on a short leash for the next few days as his wound heals.

3 thoughts on “Scenes From The Dog Park

  1. Lynny S.

    Where is this dog park and is it fenced in? We have a new rescue that can’t be off-leash (beagle/jack russell), except for the beaches in Wellfleet. The photo is FANTASTIC, but it I don’t see any fences in the background. A wonderful picture, anyway.

    • Lynny, this dog park is not fenced in.

      There are a few fenced in dog parks around Boston. Peter’s Park in South End, The Zero Washington Street Dog Park in Somerville and the Carlton Dog Park along the Southwest Corridor that runs between the South End and Back Bay as well as the Dog Park on Day Blvd. in South Boston.

      I will make a point of writing a proper article about these spots.

  2. Elena

    Hi Jay! So sorry to hear the Moose got hurt! Hope he feels better soon!

    We are the owners of the very muddy Wheaten Terrier, Banzai, in the picture above. Thank you for capturing one of his favorite activities – getting dirty, so well! After you left, he proceeded to lie down and roll in the biggest puddle in the park, which made the ride back home an even bigger adventure but at least he had fun doing it!

    We love your blog and are really enjoying the Fido365 Project. Thank you again! And we wish a speedy recovery to Moose!

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