dog inspecting bushes on rainy day in Boston

Taking your urban dog for a walk reminds me of the Postman’s Creed, as with unfailing determination, I find myself with all the other dog owners standing in the rain while the dogs inspect every bush and blade of grass. I sometimes hear of dogs who refuse to go out in the rain. Sometimes I wish my dog was one of those dogs. Typically Moose does his business quickly, but after days of rain, he doesn’t care. He is outside, he is a dog and and I was at least smart enough to dig out my winter coat.

“Neither snow, rain, heat nor gloom of night stays these dogs from careful inspection of each fire hydrant, tree, bush or spot of grass.”

I thought I would adapt the Postman’s Creed to a Dog Owner’s Creed as it only seems fitting for this week of rain and today’s Fido365 Photograph.

There are other options for Boston dog owners when it is raining.

  • Go to an indoor dog park
  • Sign up for a last minute training class
  • Take your dog swimming (wet either way)
  • play nose games
  • get an indoor bathroom station (Really? Who knows?)
  • Visit a DIY dogwash at the end of the day.

What are your suggestions for other dog owners when it is raining out?

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