Our Dog In The Boston Public Garden

The Boston Public Garden, beautiful even when bare sticks are present instead of leaves, ducks waddling across the muddy bottom of the empty pond as squirrels lean from winter scurry about. Today another spring storm looms over Boston, the dog and I came for a walk during the calm which precedes most storms.  There is a second storm coming, a storm of summer vistors. You can see the calm in the lack of tourists parading through the garden and the absence of wedding photographers clicking away immortalizing what will be a memorable occasion for most. But for today there is just calm as raindrops make the only clicking sounds today.

The Boston Public Garden is a fantastic place to walk the dog, while on-leash. Our dog Moose is on a leash for this photo, friendly ranger nearby thanking me for respecting the rules of the Garden. I was just crafty in hiding the tether that keeps Moose from chasing down the nearby squirrels taunting him.

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