a dog photographed chasing a Kia Red Heel Sock Monkey

Yesterday was one of those incredibly busy days where you always seem to be chasing something or monkeys. It was one of those days where work and other commitments take precedence over personal projects. Between a non-dog photo shoot and client meetings (very cool photo shoots in the pipe), I was able to update the article on the Urban Hound Hotel. Moose and I however never found the time to take photos. However, right before I started Fido365, I created and photographed the Sock Monkey Chase.

I thought this photo of our dog chasing a Red Heel Sock Monkey would be an appropriate placeholder for an otherwise hectic yesterday. Wow, I feel bad for not getting a fresh shot. However the dog and monkey shoot was a blast. At a recent pet event at the Harborview for resident dog and cat owners, we came home with one of these sock monkeys. As soon as it was handed to me I knew what I was going to do….

I set up this shot with a little inspiration from the Kia commercial by David & Goliath, featuring the giant sock monkey exuberantly living life (fantastic commercial), and a little ingenuity. I rigged the exuberant Sock Monkey to be chased by our dog and then had to actually get our dog to play the part. This was an absolute blast to photograph as I love a good challenge. On a side note, afterwards Moose took the Sock Monkey to his cave and removed all the stuffing, arms and tail. RIP: Sock Monkey.

Update: I just saw this and laughed to myself. I took this before I learned how to manipulate images in Photoshop. I think I spent and hour or two making a skeleton for the Sock monkey out of a wire clothes hanger. Funny Stuff. ~ Jay

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