english pointer standing on a bench holding a Planet Dog Toy Bone

Our dog Moose has a few nicknames; Scooby Doo, Suavanita (a made up Spanish word for soft dog) and “Snow Bunny”. He will answer to pretty much anything if a treat is involved, nothing if a squirrel is present. We started calling him Snow Bunny during his first winter as he went bounding through his first deep snow. He was like a small white snow bunny. His new nickname stuck like glue. But it was a 7 year old boy who pointed out why “Snow Bunny” was so fitting for our dog.

Moose and I met this little fellow on the slow boat (ferry) to Nantucket one afternoon. The little kid politely asked if he could pet my dog and asked his name. I said sure and absent-mindedly said his name was Snow Bunny. At this point Moose was a year and a half old, just about every day by my side. It was then the little kid asked if we called our dog because he had a bunny on his head? Completely bewildered, I looked down to discover the little boy pointing at the spot in the center of our dog’s head; clearly it was the shape of a bunny.

About Tonight’s Dog Portrait

It was a long raw day today. I have a few very cool dog photography concepts I look forward to shooting outside. At this point I will hold out for the spring weather we are all expecting. Instead, Snow Bunny and I set up a small studio in our home and had a late night photo shoot. I wanted create a portrait that was a little different, slightly vintage and grainy. I put up a sheet of orange paper, grabbed the lime green dog bone (Planet Dog, one of their minty dog toys) and managed to get Moose to show the camera his snow bunny spot on the top of his head.

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