Dog Sniffing Grass in Front Of The Bunker Hill Monument

The fifth day in a photographic journey of a Boston dog’s life

You can see the Bunker Hill Monument from a long way off, standing proudly on Breeds’s Hill in Charlestown (learned this on a Boston Duck Tour). The monument is surrounded by a small park with lush grass and wrought iron fencing, views of the Boston skyline and surrounded by a very beautiful neighborhood. The area of Charlestown surrounding the Bunker Hill Monument is referred to as Monument Square and is very popular with dog owners.

We decided to take our dog Moose for a walk around the Monument this evening, shoot a few pictures and enjoy the beautiful evening. Plenty of other dogs walking about. We even ran into one of of our Navy Yard neighbors out for her evening stroll with her stunning little dog. Boston, Charlestown are both still small like that. If you visit the monument with your dog, swing by Durty Harry’s as well.

I am glad, spring is coming to Boston, I love shooting this style of dog photography, I used to capture tonight’s picture of our sometimes well behaved dog.

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