shadow of our English Pointer Hunting

Our dog (The Magnificent Moose) and I (photographer: Jay Stebbins) have decided to embark on a photographic journey, a colossal project of sorts.  Each day for the next three-hundred-sixty-five days, like clockwork, a frame worthy photo from the life of our Boston dog will be shared with all of you. We have an agreement to not come home to sleep unless we have created a unique photograph for the day. This will be a photographic journey with a few words about the moment in time when the camera’s shutter snapped.

Day #1: When a Shadow Hunts

It is near sunset, a time of day that our dog has been waiting for.  The couple of hours at the end of the day to hunt squirrels, birds and play with the other urban dogs living in Boston. I love this time of day as much as he does, watching his graceful movement while stalking prey like a silent shadow.

Update: This photo was requested by Photography Monthly magazine. Pretty Cool!

3 thoughts on “365 Days; A Dog’s Life In Boston

  1. A journey I look forward to following….

  2. Margie

    This is sure to be an exciting journey . . . I can’t wait for more!

  3. I am looking forward to glimpses into these Moose adventures. Beautiful idea…I like it already

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