a game of fetch in the parking garage with our dog

Sometimes, when the weather in Boston turns for the worse, you need to be creative when it comes to exercising your urban dog. It is rare that dog owners can just let their dog out the back door to go outside. The effort of putting on foul weather gear every few hours for a bathroom break becomes an effortless ritual. If you are lucky “the business” will happen quickly and you can head back inside to get comfortable again.

Sometimes, at least for many dog owners I know, more exercise is required for the dogs to settle down. You can either stand in the weather and smile or get creative in finding a place inside for a good rain day game. I thought today would be a great time to do a little creative lighting and play a game of fetch in a little stolen urban space for today’s photograph.

I thought I would share a self portrait of myself with The Magnificent Moose, taken after our game of fetch. I thought the concrete walls of the parking garage made a perfect background for a portrait with an urban dog. I will be using these walls for some other upcoming projects.

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