dog peeking through crack

I just wanted to quickly say hello and let you know that I am working on some great new articles and projects for Fido Loves. It has been a little long since the last article. In addition to the holidays I have been setting up a studio to be able to shoot a more intricate style of dog photography. But most importantly, after nearly 6 years, got engaged to Margie. Our dog Moose is one step closer to living in an honest home (kidding). Margie is happy, I am happy and the dog, well he has a great life regardless.

I am in the process of finishing up a new article and have a list of articles That I feel the need to get out right away. But rest assured, I have plenty of things worth the attention of the people who care for their dogs. And if nothing else, I have some pretty cool pictures of dogs to share.

2 thoughts on “Something Good Comes This Way

  1. Jodi

    Looking forward to more articles! Have you done one on the indoor doggy swimming pool in Exeter, NH? I went yesterday with my 2 year old Chocolate Lab and it was AMAZING!

  2. Samantha

    Congratulations! And love the picture of Moose – what a profile.

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