A 16 Year English Setter Therapy Dog at Bright Spot Therapy Dogs

Tudi the English Setter; otherwise known as Trudance, the Princess, Trudi the Beauty, the Badger and at her very old age of 16 years, The Drunken Sailor, had a long life, touching more people than you might imagine.

She started life as a puppy destroying things as puppies should.  Then, Trudi, in her splendid youth became a champion show dog while strutting herself around the ring as if she was starring in “Best In Show”.

After her retirement, Trudi was introduced to Cynthia Hinckley who taught her to be a therapy dog. For most of her life, Trudi helped others cope with situations otherwise unbearable in the most delicate way. All the while, she remained the head of a canine household of true companions. Survived by James the Therapy dog and her much younger sisters,  Annabel and Lily who are learning the craft as well.

If  your dog, or any dog for that matter, aspires to a life of a therapy dog; then after a very long dog’s life others would say “I am so glad that I had an opportunity to scratch your head.”


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