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As dog owners, one of our best purchases for our home has been the Roomba robot vacuum. We have a much older model that is still going strong and picks up beautifully after our endlessly shedding dog. This new Roomba 650 Robot vacuum for pets is much more refined and should come with every dog (if I were getting a new Roomba this is the model I would purchase). We run our Roomba every other day and what a difference it makes with keeping dog hair off the floors and well as the added dirt that dogs track into the house. One of our dog’s nicknames is “Snowstorm”.

Here is a link to a review we wrote a couple of years ago.

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Roomba 650 picks up an amazing amount of dirt, pet hair and other debris with its patented 3 stage cleaning system

Dirt Detect technology employs an acoustic sensor to identify dirtier areas and spends more time cleaning them
iAdapt is an advanced system of software and sensors that ensures Roomba vacuums every section of your room and cleaning areas you cannot easily reach


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