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  • It’s Not Yappy Hour, It’s Yappier Hour at The Liberty Hotel

    It’s Not Yappy Hour, It’s Yappier Hour at The Liberty Hotel

    The very pet friendly Liberty Hotel sets up an outside bar in their enclosed courtyard for dogs and their owners. Drinks and appetizers were served among a unique mix of romping pooches and Bostonians. As I have heard great things about The Liberty from others regarding the quality of cocktail and conversation, I had high expectations already. I was, however, unsure how Moose our Pointer would fit in.
  • Boston Dog License Tips

    Boston Dog License Tips

    Boston Dog Licenses expire on March 31st and the new dog license runs from April 1st 2013. Here are the links and what you need to know about licensing your Boston dog.
  • Dogs On The Greenway: Boston

    Dogs On The Greenway: Boston

    For dog owners in Boston, the Greenway is a great place to take the dog for a walk. Each year there are more and more art installations added or changed and new sections are still being developed. Regardless, the Greenway makes for an enjoyable walk with your dog.
  • Get Involved With A Dog Friendly Charity

    Dog owners are always looking for something to do with their dog in Boston. Typically I write about where to find a dog friendly beach or which apple orchards allow dogs.Recently, I spent my Sunday at the "Lather Up The Love!" fundraiser for Lucky Labs Rescue and Adoption at Durty Harry's in Charlestown. I was there to photograph a bunch of the labs for an upcoming project on Fido Loves.
  • Fall With Boston Dogs

    Fall With Boston Dogs

    If you have lived in Boston for a while, I don't have to tell you, fall is one of the best times of the year. Weekends like this one passing are simply fantastic, particularly if you are a dog owner. Why a dog owner? Because no matter what you are going out side.
  • Waiting For The Swan Boats

    Waiting For The Swan Boats

    Seriously, one squirrel followed Moose around as we took photographs along the water, taunting and staring him down. It was rather bizarre...
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