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  • Summer Days With Bogie

    Summer Days With Bogie

    Summer days in Boston at the dog park are not a bad thing. Much better than winter, particularly on the waterfront where you can find plenty of dogs and people walking along the Harborwalk enjoying the weather and company of other dogs.
  • Ginger on Nantucket Island

    Ginger on Nantucket Island

    When you go to Nantucket Island with your dog, or without for that matter, you would be pretty lucky to meet canine resident Ginger the Golden Retriever. During a recent getaway from Boston, we spent a long weekend
  • Lucky Louie The Bulldog

    Lucky Louie The Bulldog

    "The nose of the bulldog has been slanted backwards so that he can breathe without letting go." ~ Winston Churchill
  • Morgan The Mastiff

    Morgan The Mastiff

    During a photo shoot for the Fish & Bone on Newbury Street, Morgan the Mastiff joined us on the beaches of South Boston. Here are a few photographs of a really sweet Bull Mastiff and her faithful companion.
  • Flight Of The Golden-Doodle

    Flight Of The Golden-Doodle

    Ginger is a Golden-Doodle who my dog loves to run with. This Golden-Doodle is like a fluffy cumulous cloud in motion, high speed, if there is a ball involved. The couple who have Ginger take the time to keep her brushed out, and the end result is absolutely amazing.
  • Beagle + Pug = Puggle

    Beagle + Pug = Puggle

    At the park we ran into one of our dog's canine friends, Ruby the Puggle. Ruby, a mix of Beagle and Pug loves to chase balls and hunt out scents. If you have a pocketful of treats, this dog will be one of the first to remind you
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