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  • Birthday Dog Celebration

    Birthday Dog Celebration

    How do you celebrate your dogs birthday? Although many dogs would love a squirrel for their birthday, there are better ways to celebrate your dogs birthday
  • Lucky Louie The Bulldog

    Lucky Louie The Bulldog

    "The nose of the bulldog has been slanted backwards so that he can breathe without letting go." ~ Winston Churchill
  • Morgan The Mastiff

    Morgan The Mastiff

    During a photo shoot for the Fish & Bone on Newbury Street, Morgan the Mastiff joined us on the beaches of South Boston. Here are a few photographs of a really sweet Bull Mastiff and her faithful companion.
  • A Dog Otherwise Known As “Snow Bunny”

    A Dog Otherwise Known As “Snow Bunny”

    Our dog Moose has a few nicknames; Scooby Doo, Suavanita (a made up word for soft kid) and "Snow Bunny". He will answer to pretty much anything if a treat is involved, nothing if a squirrel is present. We started calling him Snow Bunny during his first winter as he went bounding through his first deep snow like a small white snow bunny. His new nickname stuck like glue. But it was a 7 year old boy who pointed out why "Snow Bunny" was so fitting for our dog.
  • The Resistant Beagle

    The Resistant Beagle

    Guinness, is an old Beagle who prefers to do what she wants, not what is expected of her. If you are in the Charlestown Navy Yard, chances are good that you will see Guinness going against the grain.
  • Dogs Walking Dogs

    Dogs Walking Dogs

    You can't write this stuff, you can only be ready when it happens. I was photographing the black dog when the camera shy white dog came over and started to pull on the black dog's leash.
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