An Off-leash Dog Running Up The Beach, Teeth Bared

Control Your Off-Leash Dog

When you have a dog off-leash, particularly in the city, your responsibility increases with your dog’s freedom. Our dog, is often off-leash in the city, suburbs or the middle of the woods. Our dog loves to run and hunt and a day at the end of the leash does nothing for his nor my well being. Although, could you imagine our dog running at you as pictured here?


Dealing With Barking Dogs In Apartments

In our current apartment, the front door had a gap at the bottom where our dog would see the shadows of feet passing by. He started to fall into the habit of laying in the living room so he could see down the hall at the front door. When bored he would lay at the front door listening, sniffing and watching for would be intruders. We resolved that problem with a

dog sniffing the grass in a sunlit field

Unload the Loaded Dog

Unload your loaded dog, before you go… “Go where?” you ask. Anywhere, walking or hiking in public parks, the city sidewalks, an outdoor cafe in the South End, the list is endless. If you give your dog a moment to go to the bathroom in advance, you can save yourself the hassle of carrying around a bag of poop or an awkward moment on a busy sidewalk. I