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  • Find Dog Friendly Beaches Around Boston

    Find Dog Friendly Beaches Around Boston

    "Where is a dog friendly beach near Boston where my dog can swim?", might be the most popular question from Boston dog owners during the summer. I love going to the beach for a swim and so does my dog. Swimming is a great way to burn off extra energy and let them cool off at the same time. Besides, dogs playing in the ocean
  • Find Yourself In the Wilderness

    Find Yourself In the Wilderness

    You would think living in any city like Boston, finding an isolated trail meandering through the wilderness would be a long way off. Every once in awhile I feel it, the dog feels it: a call to the wild.
  • Rockport, Classic Getaway For Dog Owners

    It is only fitting that we found ourselves in the very dog friendly town of Rockport, Massachusetts on Memorial Day weekend. You could think of Rockport as a perfect slice of Americana, like apple pie, white picket fences and families with well-trained dogs. Yes, the classic American dream is alive and well in Rockport. This New
  • The Kennebunks: Dog Friendly Beaches

    I am not sure how many Bostonians realize just how close "The Kennebunks" (Kennebunkport and Kennebunk Maine) are to Boston. This also happens to be a perfect place for a dog friendly weekend get-away. Here is are our notes from our latest day trip with our dog to swim at Gooch's Beach,
  • New England Ski Trip With Your Dog

    Pack the ski gear, load the car and head North, just don't forget to bring the dog. Because this New England ski trip is pet friendly not just pet tolerant. Too many times in the past we have cut our ski trips short because of the dog. This weekend that changed when we drove into Jackson NH with our dog's head happily hanging out the window. Jackson sits in the center of New Hampshire's ski country and happens to have one of the most pet friendly bed and breakfast inns I have come across thus far.
  • Learn About Dogs at The Dog Show

    Learn About Dogs at The Dog Show

    Some AKC dog shows have a Meet The Breeds event, giving people a chance to meet different types of dogs they may be interested in as well as talk to the people who know them best.
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