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  • Find Dog Friendly Beaches Around Boston

    Find Dog Friendly Beaches Around Boston

    "Where is a dog friendly beach near Boston where my dog can swim?", might be the most popular question from Boston dog owners during the summer. I love going to the beach for a swim and so does my dog. Swimming is a great way to burn off extra energy and let them cool off at the same time. Besides, dogs playing in the ocean
  • Boston Dog License Tips

    Boston Dog License Tips

    Boston Dog Licenses expire on March 31st and the new dog license runs from April 1st 2013. Here are the links and what you need to know about licensing your Boston dog.
  • Controlling Your Off-Leash Dog

    Controlling Your Off-Leash Dog

    When you have a dog off-leash, particularly in the city, your responsibility increases with your dog's freedom. Our dog, is often off-leash in the city, suburbs or the middle of the woods. Our dog loves to run and hunt and a day at the end of the leash does nothing for his nor my well being. Although, could you imagine our dog running at you as pictured here?
  • Find Yourself In the Wilderness

    Find Yourself In the Wilderness

    You would think living in any city like Boston, finding an isolated trail meandering through the wilderness would be a long way off. Every once in awhile I feel it, the dog feels it: a call to the wild.
  • Living In Boston With A Dog

    Living In Boston With A Dog

    At the end of the day, living in Boston with our dog has been a spectacular experience. Boston is simply a beautiful city that is still small enough to run into friends and large enough where there is always something new to do, even with your dog.
  • A Dog Beach Day in Nahant

    From Boston we traveled to the seaside town of Nahant to spend the day on "Dog Beach" to play a little fetch on the beach and let our dog swim to his heart's content. There are only a few beaches on the North Shore where off-leash dogs
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