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  • Dogs On The Greenway: Boston

    Dogs On The Greenway: Boston

    For dog owners in Boston, the Greenway is a great place to take the dog for a walk. Each year there are more and more art installations added or changed and new sections are still being developed. Regardless, the Greenway makes for an enjoyable walk with your dog.
  • Apple Picking Dogs Allowed

    Fall in Boston brings along traditions in New England like apple picking. Personally, I love apple picking as it usually means apple pie afterwards. And like like dogs, is fresh baked apple pie not part of the American dream? Our quest was to find an apple orchard where our dog was allowed to come apple picking as well.
  • Dogs and the Sea, Kittery Point, Maine

    Dogs and the Sea, Kittery Point, Maine

    "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." ~ Roger Caras
  • The Hidden Alleys of Beacon Hill

    The Hidden Alleys of Beacon Hill

    Beacon Hill is one of my favorite places in Boston to take our dog for a walk. I have always loved narrow cobblestone streets lit by gas lamps.
  • Calm Before The Storm

    Calm Before The Storm

    The Boston Public Garden, beautiful even when bare sticks are present instead of leaves, ducks waddling across the muddy bottom of the empty pond as squirrels lean from winter scurry about. Today another spring storm looms over Boston, the dog and I came for a walk during the calm which precedes most storms.
  • The Very Beautiful Maudslay State Park

    Just outside Newburyport we stumbled across the very beautiful Maudslay State Park, where on-leash dogs are allowed. Maudslay is not your average state park. You will find the sidewalks of Beacon Hill much more difficult to navigate than Maudslay's carpet-like trail system. The fields and woods
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