dog sniffing the grass in a sunlit field

Unload the Loaded Dog

Unload your loaded dog, before you go… “Go where?” you ask. Anywhere, walking or hiking in public parks, the city sidewalks, an outdoor cafe in the South End, the list is endless. If you give your dog a moment to go to the bathroom in advance, you can save yourself the hassle of carrying around a bag of poop or an awkward moment on a busy sidewalk. I

Fido Loves Bloggers getting a slice in Boston with the dog

Bostone Pizza on Newbury Street

Newsflash for the pizza eating dog lovers in Boston. There is a new’ish pizza shop on Newbury Street where you can get away with having a slice of pizza while walking your dog. Bostone Pizza has been getting great reviews for their pizza. The fact that you can get a slice of “Sicilian” in Boston is even bigger news for some.