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  • Morning Run at Castle Island

    Morning Run at Castle Island

    As the morning fog was lifting from the Boston skyline, Margie woke both our dog Moose and I to go for a run at Castle Island in South Boston. Well, they would run and I would enjoy a leisurely walk while taking pictures of Margie and the dog. Either way, Castle island in South Boston is...
  • Run Like A Dog; Boston Marathon

    Run Like A Dog; Boston Marathon

    Boston is jammed with visitors for the Boston Marathon. Streets are closed, parking is scarce and restaurant lines are long. A perfect day to take our dog for a "walk" to the Boston Marathon 2011 Finish Line for a photo. It was a mob scene, with everyone taking their picture against the freshly laid finish line in the background.
  • Boston Dogs Running Against Cancer

    This past weekend we attended the Running Against Cancer - Doggie 5k to benefit the Angell Memorial Center's Oncology Service and BostonDOG's Boston Common Dog Park Proposal. Dog Owners from Boston to as far away as Portland Maine
  • Exploring The Middlesex Fells & Sheepfold

    Exploring The Middlesex Fells & Sheepfold

    Would you believe there is a 2500 acre park just a few exits North of Boston? If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of Boston and find yourself yearning for a taste of the great outdoors then pay attention. Just up the road you will find endless trails winding through thick woods and
  • Explore The Arnold Arboretum

    The Arnold Arboretum is an absolutely beautiful place to take your dog for a walk or to go running. Located along the Emerald Necklace in Jamaica Plain it takes about 15 minutes to drive from Downtown Boston. The Arboretum encompasses 265 acres and is home to some 15,000 species of plants and trees.
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