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  • I Am Fighter

    I Am Fighter

    When I was first diagnosed with Leukemia it felt as if someone strapped a 300 pound weight on my chest. For the next year it was an impossible weight to shake loose, permanently affixed and constantly crushing.
  • A Certain Level of Compassion

    A Certain Level of Compassion

    For the past year I have been in a creative overdrive photographing dogs and writing about the Boston dog community. I spend my day, head swirling, images, words, ideas, fitting together a dog community puzzle. Both an observer and active part of the dog community since childhood,
  • Start Certified Therapy Dog Training

    Start Certified Therapy Dog Training

    What makes a good therapy dog? Clearly, not every dog can be a therapy dog….. Sometimes, even the friendliest family pet doesn’t pass an evaluation to qualify for the job. So, what does one look for in a therapy dog? Your dog shows potential for becoming a therapy dog if you can answer NO to this question: Has your dog ever shown aggression toward a person of any age? And, YES to this question: Is your dog completely predictable?
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